Paczki in August!

We know you hate to wait, so this year you don't have to!

August 20th thru 26th, Bennison's is making Paczki! All the flavors, all 7 days, in-store and available for order. Also, try the new lemon Paczki! Come get your fix, and make the next six months until Fat Tuesday a little easier to bear.

These round, sugar coated, fruit filled Polish pastries were served up annually on the day before Lent, a period of abstinence observed by Roman Catholics. Originally, Paczki were made for practical reasons, to use up the lard and eggs which were prohibited during Lent. Now, they’re more of a last-minute binge on sweets before the sacrifice. Whatever your past, all enjoy the tasty treat of Paczki, which means “little package” in Polish.

The new world version, like the old, is an extra large dough ball, rich in egg yolks and deep fried, just like a donut. It’s overfilled with raspberry, strawberry, custard, or even the traditional prune filling, then topped with a smooth sugar glaze or rolled in fine sugar.

We offer Paczki in the following flavors:

Prune, Apricot, Cheese, Raspberry, Custard, Apple, Lemon: $1.62

Fresh Strawberry with Whipped Cream, Praline Chocolate Mousse, Fresh Banana Cream: $2.49